Расписание семинаров Леонарда Орра на 2011 год

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Расписание семинаров Леонарда Орра на 2011 год

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Leonard Orr's Schedule ~ December - August 2011

Hyderbad - December 18 - 19 ~ IV National Conference on Spiritual Science - For details contact: +91 9908652789 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +91 9908652789 end_of_the_skype_highlighting; theworldunitedteam@gmail.com

Hyderbad - December 20-28 ~ 9 Day Training - Rebirthing-Breathwork - contact +91 9908652789 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +91 9908652789 end_of_the_skype_highlighting; theworldunitedteam@gmail.com

Australia 2011
Leonard Orr and Pauline Win ~!~
Discover the Yoga of Aliveness
Easy, pleasurable practices w/ Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Mind
(based on Leonard's ground breaking work in the field of human potential)
Come. Celebrate your Divinity. Relax
more details at: www.Rebirthing-Breathwork.com

Meeting of Immortals ~!~

Girnar, India,March 2 - 4, 2011

Leonard Orr has been traveling to India for 33 years looking for immortal yogis.

Last year he learned of a meeting of thousands of immortals who meet every year!

This meeting of immortals takes place in Girnar, Junagad and Gujarat. Leonard's guide fee is $108. If you are interested in joining Leonard on this adventure:

Email Leonard at: lenraja@hotmail.com and Send your guide fee of $108 to Leonard Orr at:
P. O. Box 1026, Staunton, VA

For paypal use the Donate Link

Plan on meeting Leonard in Girnar next March, 2011 ~*~
Additional Information on Immortal Gathering:

For those joining Leonard in India for the Gathering of Immortals, March 2-4, here are the most recent suggestions, (only, slightly edited):

Google: Girnar hills, (Junagadh,) Gujarat, India




Brazil 2011

Canela - March 17th to 24th, 2011 (7 days)

Rebirthing and Spiritual Purification Training with Leonard Orr
Location: Vila Suzana Parque Hotel

Costs: $ 1008 plus hotel

The hotel daily costs $145.00: includes 3 meals a day. Chalets with fireplace and bathtubs, living room, a bedroom and a huge bathroom, two people (max 3 people). .
Contact info: suaveviver@suaveviver.com.br or 55 (54) 9156-7737 for English speaking;

or Karin 55 (54) 3222-5884 with my secretary for Portuguese.

The city of Canela is a tourist area in the mountains of south of Brazil visited by people from many countries every year because of exuberant Nature, pure water and the charming cities of the surrounding area.

For more information about the hotel: www.hotelvilasuzana.com.br

S. Francisco do Sul, Brazil ~ April 16–May 08, 2011

Training Start Dates, ( 9 Day & 3 Week Training options) and other Events:
March 29, 2011 Rio de Janeiro Satsang - Speech

March 30, 2011 Belo Horizonte Satsang - Speech

Mach 31, 2011 Brasilia Satsang - Speech

April 02-10, 2011 Brasilia 9 Days – Retreat & Training

April 12, 2011 Florian?polis Satsan Speech

April 14, 2011 Joinville Satsang - Speech

April 16–May 08, 2011 S. Francisco do Sul 3 Weeks Professional Training

May 10, 2011 Curitiba Satsang - Speech

May 12, 2011 S?o Paulo Satsang - Speech

May 14- 22, 2011 S?o Paulo 9 Days – Retreat & Training


Wizard/Master Avatar, Coach e Consultor


+55 (47) 9984-4641 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +55 (47) 9984-4641 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

skype: tomcau

msn: tomcau@hotmail.com

USA - 2011

Friday, May 20, Seminar (to be named) Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino, California. Contact Dr. Stephen Johnson: DrJ@DrStephenJohnson.com

Saturday, May 21, Rebirthing Breathwork Workshop, Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino, California. Contact Dr. Stephen Johnson: DrJ@DrStephenJohnson.com

May 25-31, 2011 - Paso Robles, CA
7 Days - Habits of Aliveness Training
Leonard Orr with Hugh Michael Matheny at The School of Immortal Yoga on the South Central California Coast

Enjoy Rebirthing Breathwork and Spiritual Purification Practices
Immerse yourself in the joy-filled 4 elements of earth, air, water and fire.... and experience the power of love, rest and spiritual community
Come and hear Leonard explain his practical and proven ideas for creating bliss in your life and in the world.
more information at:
PO Box 715
Templeton, CA 93465

Neveda City June 5 - 9

Rebirthing - Movement - Sound - Alignment - Spiritual Purification

(details to follow)

Contact: soundinginlove@yahoo.com

7th Annual Sierraville Training - Friday June 10 - Sunday June 19, 2011

Mark your calanders!! Details to follow. Contact: susan_deschenes@yahoo.com~*~

July 10 - Waynesboro, VA

Leonard will speak at the Crysalis Meeting on:

"The Five Greatest Ideas of the Century"

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Waynesboro-

, 565 Pine Avenue; Waynesboro, VA

JULY 1- 17th - "At Home in Virginia"

Annual Rebirthers Convention at Inspiration University, the home training center for Rebirth International
Convention details click here.


August 8 - 12 -European Rebirthers' Convention 2011 in Spain!!

Will be held at El Molino, near Seville

The theme of this year's convention is successful high quality rebirthing, spiritual purification and spiritual community.

RBI Rebirther's Conventions provide an opportunity for fellowship with your successful peers. We learn from each other's experience. Participants are invited to propos themes to be covered.

Here is a partial list of Lectures, Workshops and Leaders:

Leonard Orr: Ongoing training, spiritual community and healing career burnout.

Fanny Van Laere: Development of a professional high quality rebirther and how to give high quality trainings.

Heike Strombach: How to guide a client through 10 sessions and improve the quality and the results of your work.

Irene Jove: How to create a full clientele anywhere on the planet.

Teresa Aguiar and Leonard Orr: Pleasures and struggles during the first year and during the first 40 years as a rebirther.

Estrella, Toni, Ananda and Shanti: Natural birth and spiritual evolution as a family.

Dan Brule: Rebirthing in Eastern Europe.

and, more......

* A workshop for the organization and development of rebirthing in each country represented.

* Rebirthing demonstrations by the best rebirthers in the world.

*The role of the convention is to expand high quality rebirthing, support the success of all rebirthers and strengthen the organization which is sourced by us through spiritual community and the unity of purpose.

For more information contact Fanny Van Laere: info@conexionconsciente.com (0034)626067846 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (0034)626067846 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

* Italy, Calabria ~ August/September 2011

9 Day Rebirthing Breathwork Training (details to follow) Contact: Tari Benvenut; breathworking@gmail.com

November 2011 ~ Happy Birthday Leonard ~!~ Ever One

Advanced Leadership Rebirthing Training with Leonard Orr

9 Day Residential Training

*limited to 4 participants.

A rare opportunity to be Rebirthed by Leonard Orr

Location: Inspiration University, Waynesboro, VA;

Pre-requisite: 10 Rebirthing sessions.

Tuition: $2,000 plus food and lodging

Scheduled Trainings:

Nov 12, 2011 – Nov 20, 2011

Leonard’s birthday week!

Contact Peace Arnold for more detail: RebirthingNYC@gmail.com

December 10 - 18, 2011 - in Ft Lauderdale, FL

Contact Denise Dobbs: DobbsDeniseRBI@hotmail.com
И пусть все что я делаю приносит пользу всем живым существам)


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